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Advance your career through AIM Code School. Explore the technology field through the free Intro to Tech course, or learn new skills to advance your career in this Nebraska Department of Education accredited program.

AIM Code School Overview

AIM Code School offers accelerated training for high-demand tech skills to adults and career-changers. Led by industry experts, AIM Code School students gain access to a professional network that connects them with businesses and employers throughout the Midwest. Classes are accredited by the Nebraska Department of Education.

AIM Code School’s new, stackable modules provide customized technical training tailored to a student’s interest. After taking the free Intro to Tech class, students can focus on different tracks, including web design, .NET/(C#) Development, data administration, and Java development.

"When I was going to school, I wish someone would have told me how in-demand coding skills are. AIM Code School is a great option for people who want to learn these skills."

Jessica Teaford


Wondering if tech is right for you?

Try AIM Code School’s free intro to tech class.

The 20-hour class provides participants with basic knowledge and definitions of IT terms and concepts. The goal of this course is to “de-mystify” IT by providing clear definitions of the five elements of tech as defined by the AIM Institute, while providing students with basic skills in each of those five areas. This course is designed to help people new to tech to discover if tech is for them, and where their interests lie. New classes start every month.


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Upcoming Courses


Coding with Python

November 30, 2021 | 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM

This class starts introducing computer languages, programming concepts, and critical thinking. Python is most commonly used in the world of Data Analysis. Upon comp...

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"What I've gained with the AIM Code School, I do believe that I have the ability to be successful with a career in tech."

Peace Kanu-Asiegbu


Fast Facts

50% of students have never coded before

Average student age: 33

Average class size: 8

Learn to code in 10 weeks

Scholarships are available

AIM Code School Staff

Dr. Kandace Miller

Director of AIM Code School

Vanessa Kasun

Software Engineer & Instructor Manager

Nate Decker

Tech Navigator/Student Coordinator

Carlos Williams

Tech Navigator

Hannah Post

Tech Navigator

David Tarvin

Foundation Of Web Development Instructor

Jordy Becerril

Java FullStack Specialization Instructor

Cody Simpson

Intro To Technology Instructor

James Goedert

Intro to Technology Instructor

Travis Zoucha

Java FullStack Specialization Instructor

Raquel Ocasio

Wordpress Specialization Instructor

Alex Maggioni

Python & Data Science Instructor

Cory Taylor

Python Instructor

Pat Dougherty

Java/Foundations Instructor

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