Business Skills Academy

Business Skills Academy

The Business Skills Academy helps participants build new skills and increase their understanding of the interpersonal, technical, and human resources challenges involved in business. Participants will also learn new communication skills and relationship-building techniques along with hearing from some of today's leaders what their day-to-day is all about.

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What to Expect

AIM Business Academy Participants will:

  • Demonstrate to attendees their tendencies, others’ strengths, and how to successfully navigate diversity
  • Learn techniques & information regarding goal setting, mentoring, interpersonal skills, and business navigation
  • Give attendees tools to strengthen their ability to communicate effectively and professionally
  • Understand strategies about team building, participating in a high performing team, and contributing to a positive team culture

"AIM's Business Skills Academy contributes to our long term vision as a representative and equitable tech sector with a strong pipeline of diverse, home-grown talent."

Kandace Miller

CEO, AIM Institute


The Academy’s curriculum includes presentations by high-performing, experienced business leaders, peer discussions, and focuses on the following key areas of development.

This is a four-week program. The below dates are for the Winter 2022 sessions, from Nov 30th – Dec 21st.

Career Development & Personal Growth

Nov 30th | 1 – 5PM

Personal Awareness & Understanding Differences

Dec 7th | 1 – 5PM

Team Relationship Building

Dec 14th | 1 – 5PM

Effective Communication Skills

Dec 21st | 1 – 5PM


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