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For more than 25 years, the AIM Institute has been a trusted steward of grant money from local businesses, foundations, and the federal government. Each year, we serve thousands of current and future IT professionals and students. Help us build a strong and diverse tech talent community.

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– $1,000 can sponsor a student through the 10-week Foundations of Web Development course.
– $500 provides one student with a year’s worth of STEM learning experiences that inspire them to pursue tech careers.
– $250 provides one low-income, first-generation college student with assistance and materials to get them college-ready.
– $100 can support one student with nearly a semester’s worth of STEM learning experiences.
– $50 can take 10 underserved students through a day of tech education.
– $25 can take 5 underserved students through a day of tech education.

Learn more about how AIM grows a strong and diverse tech talent community.

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