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Youth Academies

AIM Youth Academies, also known as Upward Bound, provide life-changing intensive learning experiences to prepare students to reach their potential and achieve their ultimate personal, academic and professional success, regardless of their past or current challenges. This ensures that the future Omaha tech community has a strong base of well-grounded, successful participants from all walks of life.

Youth Academies Overview

Services offered include tutoring, mentoring, work study, assistance completing Financial Aid forms like the FAFSA, and guidance on secondary school re-entry or alternative education programs.

AIM Youth Academy site coordinators help guide students through the high school and college application process. They cheer on the students and help them believe in their capabilities to explore higher education. Also, the site coordinators provide parents and families with information so they can make the right decision for their student.

Funded by US Department of Education TRiO Upward Bound grants, the programs provide a multitude of opportunities and information to students from income-eligible families or families in which neither parent has acquired a college degree.

Youth Academies In Action

“During our first senior academy meeting, we were identifying schools to apply to. One of our seniors at Papillion-La Vista said, ‘I don’t think I’m going to get in anywhere’, despite having an excellent GPA. It took a lot of work, but we were able to identify schools and started building her confidence. The next week, she was the first senior to get accepted at a school. She ran into the room, excited to show us all. It was so fun to see that, but what that first letter did was boost her confidence. I’m happy to report that she has been accepted to six schools and has multiple scholarships.

Sometimes the biggest barrier for these students is themselves. Upward Bound provides a safe space where students can find support. We are their biggest cheerleaders and are often the first people to tell them that YES, they CAN go to college. This is a perfect example of that.”

Brooke Clements
Youth Academies Site Coordinator

2020 Stats

College-Going Rate: 76%

High School Graduation Rate: 98.5%

2020-2021 Scholarships: $3,826,898

Served 220 students

75% are first generation and/or low income students

Youth Academies to Notre Dame

“With the help of Mrs. Emily, my Upward Bound coordinator, I was able to get access to the applications of several scholarships, including the Dells Scholarship, which was specifically for low income students participating in college preparatory programs.

I am now attending Notre Dame on a full ride scholarship. Notre Dame is an extremely prestigious school that I have the amazing opportunity to attend.

AIM has provided me with several opportunities that I would never have the time or money to organize for myself. It opened my eyes to the diversity of potential careers and how technology connects them all.”

Thinh Vu
Papillion LaVista South High School
2020 Graudate

How to Get Involved

These cohort programs are available at our partner schools: Bryan High School (Omaha); Papillion La Vista High School; Papillion La Vista-South High School; and Thomas Jefferson High School (Council Bluffs).

AIM Youth Academies site coordinators lead the student recruitment process. They can be found at “Back to School” events at participating schools, and also send letters to freshman and sophomore students. The site coordinators are present in the schools and can answer any questions a student or parent may have.

To learn more, email or call 402-979-8324.
You can also fill out an online form to learn more:

Bryan High School

Program Application

Thomas Jefferson High School

Program Application

Papillion-LaVista and Papillion-LaVista South High Schools

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