What is the AIM Institute? The tl;dr version

February 24, 2020

The AIM Institute is a nonprofit that builds the tech community through education and career development. We improve the Silicon Prairie by removing barriers to technology education and strengthening the IT workforce. Check out the “too long, didn’t read” list below of what we do or watch this video to see the impact we make.


AIM Code School
AIM Youth in Tech
Brain Exchange
Set Your AIM
Silicon Prairie News

Career Development

Emerging Leaders Program
IT Leadership Academy
Heartland Developers Conference
Tech Celebration
Please join us in building the tech community we need for the future we want. We especially need help with our AIM Youth in Tech programs, which provide no-cost technology education to youth who might not otherwise have the chance to experience tech. It costs only $1.36 per day to provide an entire year’s worth of programming to an underserved student, including educational materials and snacks.
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