Training seminar offers insight on accelerated learning principles

June 5, 2018

(Photo: Training from the Back of the Room session at Blueshift Innovation, Kansas City, 2018. Photo provided by Matt Kirilov/PMI Heartland Chapter.)

OMAHA — Organizational leaders, trainers and instructors have a new opportunity this month to advance their training skills.

“Training from the Back of the Room” is a two-day course that promises to explore the latest findings about how the brain takes in, stores, retrieves and uses knowledge.

Participant will “discover six powerful learning principles based on the best of brain science, then apply these principles every time you train, teach, or coach others,” according to the course description.

Training from the Back of the Room takes place June 19 and 20 at Metropolitan Community College’s Fort Omaha campus from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“These Accelerated Learning principles go hand-in-hand with team-based Agile and Scrum processes and principles,” says course instructor Jenny Tarwater. “If you are an Agile coach or Scrum trainer, you will be especially pleased to discover how to combine Agile/Scrum concepts with collaborative learner-engagement.”

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