Thomas Jefferson High School goes back to school with Upward Bound

September 19, 2018

Back to school can be a tough time for both teachers and students everywhere––Thomas Jefferson High School in Council Bluffs is no exception. But there is one special corner of the school (otherwise known as Classroom C-218) where there were some people VERY excited for the launch of another new year and the school’s Back to School event.

Tanya Jacha, the new Director of Upward Bound at Thomas Jefferson, and Matt Patten, the new Coordinator, had been planning for the first day back for weeks, and were looking forward to getting kids just as excited about Upward Bound as they were.

Jacha and Patten arrived at the Back to School event early in order to make their Upward Bound booth special for students and their families. Their huge, 18-inch jar of candy was filled to the brim, the AIM bouncy ball supply had been replenished, and the shiny new Upward Bound pens were begging to be used to fill out new applications.

Parents started arriving early and were able to hang out at the Upward Bound table while they enjoyed a few pieces of candy and encouraged their kids to listen to Jacha and Patten’s plans for getting them to college.

The event had a huge turn out and Jacha and Patten said that the Upward Bound table had at least two or three families at it at all times who were asking questions and requesting applications. Their simple question of, “Who wants to go to college?” kept families flocking their way.

Jacha and Patten said that although the parents are intrigued by that question, the students showed more interest when they would ask, “Who wants to travel to fun places?”

The students and their sibilings were able to see some of Upward Bound’s 2018 summer trips on a slideshow, giving them a sneak peek at what could be in store for them, too.

In total, 13 Upward Bound applications are completed at the event with another 34 taken to fill out at home. Jacha and Patten said it was a great evening and a sign of the energetic and exciting year to come!