New Tech Talent meetup aims to connect job seekers and employers

April 17, 2018

AIM Institute is expanding its Tech Concierge program for job seekers with a new Tech Talent meetup.

The first event will take place in the morning on Thursday, April 19, and will feature speaker Marco Floreani with the Omaha Chamber of Commerce.

The quarterly meetup will focus on bringing job seekers and employers together in an environment that is less formal than a career fair, but more personal than a job application.

“I meet brilliant people every day who are struggling to find a job, I meet employers who are struggling to find amazing people, and a lot of times, they don’t get connected, and this will help them do that,” said AIM Tech Talent director Jonathon White, who is organizing the meetup.

Floreani is the Omaha Chamber’s Manager of Business Development. His presentation will focus on the opportunities and challenges of expanding Omaha’s tech base.

“Marco does amazing work in attracting tech companies and retaining the ones that are here, which is so important,” said White. “The information he’ll be sharing is a great fit for everything that we are trying to do here at AIM with Tech Concierge.”

White joined AIM as Tech Talent Director in February and brings around 14 years of staffing and recruiting experience to the role. He says he wants the Tech Concierge service to be a bridge between employers and job seekers that helps them connect more quickly.

“By the time a job is posted, [the employer] is already behind the eight ball,” said White. “The longer the job posting is out there, the more painful it is for the business. And the longer it’s open, it makes it more difficult to consider people who have the ability, but don’t have five years’ experience doing whatever it is they need to do.”

The main goal of AIM’s Tech Concierge program is to keep the tech talent pipeline flowing. White says the new meetups will help with that goal for people on both sides of the job search.

“A lot of times, job seekers have made the right steps [in] getting their skills up, and some of them need help with connections, some need help with resumes and LinkedIn, [or] where to spend their energy,” said White. “Our whole mission here is to keep that pipeline going and serve our AIM partner members, and the Omaha community.”

The Tech Talent Meetup will take place Thursday morning at the AIM Exchange Building on the 7th floor, starting at 8 a.m. Click here for more information.

For more information about AIM’s Tech Concierge program, click here.