HDC 2017 welcomed over 800 developers to Omaha

September 11, 2017

AIM Heartland Developers Conference (HDC) returned last week to the Embassy Suites Conference Center in La Vista, Nebraska. The 14th annual HDC event included hands-on workshops, speakers, breakout sessions and networking events.

HDC is 3-day software development event for tech professionals where attendees learn from national industry experts as well as regional and local leaders who share the latest knowledge and demonstrate new techniques.

AIM’s Director of Events, Dave Vankat, said that this year’s conference surpassed expectations as one of the largest yet.

“AIM HDC continues to grow with more sponsors and over 800 attendees,” said Vankat. “We had some great new features this year with moving our Mesh Party, sponsored by Deliveron, to Buildertrend’s new headquarters, and adding the new Startup Connections, in collaboration with Don’t Panic Labs, on Friday.”

Vankat said that both new features had great feedback, as did the breakouts and keynotes.

“People really appreciate the deep tech content HDC offers,” added Vankat.

Keynote speaker Cory House gave a Friday presentation on Becoming an Outlier: Systems For Exceptional Developers. He offered advice and tips for not just developers, but professionals in general, on changing their lives for the better.

“If you are someone who is happy and optimistic, you have a radical advantage over everyone else,” said House.

House said that when it comes to learning programming, deliberate practice will be strenuous, it will hurt your ego and it will be frustrating.

“Find a way to give back what you’ve learned,” added House.

Other presenters included Dave Crawford from Microsoft, Kevin Hoyt from IBM, Jordan Degner from Hudl and Collin Forrester from Buildertrend.

Gallup was on site live streaming interviews and speakers. Check out Dave Crawford’s interview below and the complete series of videos right here on SPN.