Ground CTRL to Astronaut Tom

June 13, 2019

The AIM Institute is excited to announce an enlightening new question-and-answer video series, Ask an Astronaut, featuring Astronaut Tom as host.

Ask an Astronaut gives viewers the opportunity to ask a real-life astronaut whatever’s on their mind. While the series naturally tilts toward all things STEAM, Astronaut Tom will answer literally anything—anything—as long as it’s not offensive.

The series is not just fun and interesting, it’s educational.

Students in AIM’s Upward Bound Summer Academy have the opportunity to help write, film, and edit videos at the AIM Brain Exchange, which offers free tech education for youth who would not otherwise have the chance to experience it. Ask an Astronaut gives students real-life video production training while laying a foundation of writing and editing skills they can build on. It’s the kind of program Astronaut Tom wishes would have existed when he was a rocket boy.

Email your questions to and he’ll get back to you in a future episode!

And be sure to check out Episode One, below.