Don’t Panic Labs and AIM Interface School announce partnership

July 6, 2017

Don’t Panic Labs and AIM Interface School Announce Partnership to Expand Software Education in the Silicon Prairie

Lincoln-based software design and development company Don’t Panic Labs and Omaha-based AIM Interface School are proud to announce a partnership to provide continuing education for professional software developers in the Omaha area.

Through this partnership, AIM Interface School and Don’t Panic Labs will begin offering advanced software engineering training to corporations seeking to upskill existing tech talent and individuals wanting to build upon their existing skillset.

Don’t Panic Labs began offering its week-long Software Design and Development Clinic in Lincoln earlier this year with the goal of transforming experienced developers into software engineers capable of managing complex software systems. With the belief that a solid software engineering foundation is essential for creating quality software, instructors Doug Durham and Chad Michel wanted to spread the word about the power of great software process and design outside of Lincoln.

“Partnering with AIM Interface School is a tactic to help solve the lack of continuing education for software developers,” said Doug Durham, CTO, co-founder and instructor at Don’t Panic Labs. “Lincoln and Omaha are seeing immense growth in both the startup and corporate innovation sectors, but software training is not keeping up. If our developers are going to solve the next generation of problems, we all need to up our game. We hope that by making our clinics available through AIM Interface School, we’ll increase the chances of success for our entire ecosystem.”

“AIM Interface School is eager to partner with Don’t Panic Labs to offer advanced software engineering training for people in the Greater Omaha area,” said AIM Institute vice president of Tech Education, Shonna Dorsey. “Through this partnership, we will further expand the technology skillset of our students, taking short-term code school training to the next level. This training will, in turn, deliver more well-rounded tech career candidates to our employer partners.”

The advanced training courses through the partnership with Don’t Panic Labs and AIM Interface School will be held at AIM Brain Exchange starting in Fall 2017.