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Omaha Bryan senior Britney Salcedo, heading for UNL in the fall, works hard for herself and others

April 29, 2020

“AIM has affected my life in the most positive way. I was able to find things out about myself and where I want my life to be headed.”

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What is the AIM Institute? The tl;dr version

February 24, 2020

The AIM Institute is a nonprofit that builds the tech community through education and career development. We improve the Silicon Prairie by removing barriers to technology education and strengthening the IT workforce. Check out the “too long, didn’t read” list below of what we do or watch this video to see the impact we make. […]

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UNO Scott Scholars Work with AIM to Design Cohesion, Tell Our Story

February 13, 2020

UNO first-year Computer Science major Zander Gibney’s favorite local nonprofit is—and we cannot stress this enough—the AIM Institute. Zander plans to pursue a career in video game development and spends a lot of his time buckling down to study. In that respect, he’s not unusual. Many university students study hard too, especially in the 24-to-48 […]

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Nearly 1,000 Iowa Junior High Students Learned to Code Today. That’s Good News.

December 11, 2019

Today, with the help of the AIM Institute, nearly 1,000 students at Woodrow Wilson Junior High School in Council Bluffs learned the fundamentals of computer programming as part of the international Hour of Code initiative.  Principal Mike Naughton expressed his excitement over every student getting a firsthand experience with coding during their science classes. “Anytime […]

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Meet our Tech Student of the Year: Amanda Crone

November 27, 2019

Amanda Crone (above, center) is fiercely talented. She can code. She can take apart computers and put them back together again. She can manage her time well. And she can stand in front of 500 strangers and deliver an acceptance speech for an award that distinguishes her from thousands of students in the metro area. […]

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