Be cool! “CONEct” with Tech at the AIM Brain Exchange and rally support for our youth programs

May 20, 2019

Nonprofit AIM Institute will celebrate achievement in youth programming with an ice cream social at the AIM Brain Exchange, 1902 Howard Street on Wednesday, May 22 at 11 a.m. During this event, visitors will enjoy complimentary ice cream and “Raspberry Pi” as they experience student STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) technology used in AIM’s youth programs at area schools. Visitors also will have an opportunity to support expansion of AIM’s youth programming in Omaha and Council Bluffs.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly complex, success is driven not only by what you know, but by what you can do with what you know. It’s more important than ever for our youth to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information. Reaching more than 6,000 children in 2018 thanks to support from the community, AIM’s youth programming is designed to build skills students need through hands-on and inspirational activities with technology that incorporates STEAM.