AIM Social Post: 25 September, 2023

September 25, 2023

It’s Member Monday! We are so grateful for our members! This week we are highlighting Bellevue University. Their mission is to deliver career-focused, cost-effective education, with unmatched care and respect for our learners and their vision is to boldly adapt to a rapidly changing world to ensure our learners have the skills and support they need to make an impact in the global workforce.

Bellevue University’s story starts with their students. Behind every degree, there is a unique and powerful person who dared to dream bigger, reach farther, and create a better future. Their students inspire us, and they want to inspire them. That’s why Bellevue University is a nonprofit, open access university specifically designed to help you build on your passions and achieve your goals.

They offer a quick and easy transfer experience, robust financial aid and scholarship packages, work-study opportunities, and more. Students receive a dedicated support team — an Enrollment Counselor, Financial Counselor, and Student Coach — that helps them feel confident in every decision all the way through graduation. Plus, our Career Services team is here to support them for life.

Bellevue University steps up and works together to create a better world. AIM is grateful to have members that are also committed to excellence as an organization for all that we serve!
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