AIM Social Post: 21 August, 2023

August 21, 2023

It’s Member Monday! We are so grateful for our members! This week we are highlighting Hudl. Hudl helps teams reach their potential and make every moment count. Their purpose in doing what they do is to give every athlete a shot that they deserve.

Their team features more than 3,500 employees operating out of 15 countries. With global engineering, analysis and support teams, they’re creating the world’s most powerful network of sports and video data!

Hudl’s core values drive who they hire, how they work, and every decision they make. Their core values include, Play to win, Win together, Thrive on the front lines, We listen, and Respectfully blunt. Hudl also has a huge emphasis on a culture being built on belonging. Sports are built on inclusivity and as leaders in the global sports industry, they believe in cultivating a safe, intersectional space where everyone feels supported.

Hudl is ALL IN on their commitments whether that’s internally or externally. AIM is grateful to have members that are also committed to excellence as an organization for all that we serve!
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