AIM Social Post: 16 August, 2023

August 16, 2023

August 16th, 1993 Dr. Miller started working at AIM! What an impact she has had and many laughs along the way empowering and inspiring the community around her! Dr. Miller devoted her career to ensuring that AIM remained at the forefront in establishing a thriving and diverse tech workforce in Omaha and across the Midwest.
Dr. Miller’s stewardship has resulted in AIM’s emergence as a difference-maker in Omaha and
across the region. Over the last three decades, AIM has:
– Helped 250,000 individuals improve their tech skills and find jobs;
– Raised more than $59 million in grant funds;
– Helped more than 25 million job seekers apply for new career positions via the career development portal, CareerLink, which produced nearly $100 million in revenue for AIM;
– Served 142,000 youth with engaging and interactive initiatives;
– Hosted more than 16,000 individuals at AIM events.

A celebration of her 30 years of service to the Tech Community will be held later this year. Details will be released at a later date. We are so thankful for you Dr. Miller!