AIM Infotec 2019 is almost here – Have you registered yet?

March 21, 2019

Few things are certain in this world, but one thing is. And that’s the fact that change is constant––especially in the world of technology.

AIM Infotec returns to the Embassy Suites La Vista on April 1 and 2. The annual tech conference is designed to help attendees stay ahead of the tech curve and gain insights, investigate, ideate and share.

This year’s Infotec will feature cutting-edge speakers, networking events and training workshops covering a wide range of topics such as security, tech leadership, big data, innovation and more. Not just an event for big businesses and tech professionals, the event also targets startups and small businesses with a growing tech presence.

Breakout sessions: Technology, Business, Innovation

With over 20 breakout sessions to choose from and speakers from noteworthy organizations like Keiwet, Hewlett Packard and FNTS, Infotec has something for everyone. Here’s a brief overview of a few sessions SPN is most excited about.

How to Innovate – Using White Space Analysis to Spark Disruption in an Industry
Ryan Grace – Owner / Partner, Advent, LLP
Spending resources to obtain patent protection on innovation is not necessarily the right business decision for every company. In fact, for some companies, patenting can initially be a business detriment and/or inefficient use of capital. Yet, this is not to say the patent universe is not one of (if not the) greatest learning tool on the planet for sparking white space innovation and driving disruption in an industry. To demonstrate the disruption white space analysis can have on an industry, this presentation recounts a situation where the presenter used white space analysis to develop a technology centered around a unique solution to a real-world problem, secured around 20 patents, and ultimately sold the technology to Garmin Industries.

ADA Compliance for Websites
Jamie McNeeley – Wave
When building a new office, the new restaurant, new public space, etc. the architects and builders are legally required to be compliant with the American with Disabilities Act. In the same line of thinking, successful lawsuits have been filed against both large and small companies arguing that their websites are “places of public accommodation” and thus liable for ADA compliance. Come discover what is happening in the technical world of ADA compliance, what are some top ADA compliance issues on the web to look out for and how to solve them.

Considering Purpose, People, and Process when Managing Change
Victoria Graeve-Cunningham – Executive Director and Organizational Consultant, ThriVinci

Mitch Cunningham – Business Analyst, Werner Enterprises
Kelsey Haswell – Lean Improvement Specialist, Nebraska Methodist
By applying lean and agile principles to talent management processes, leaders can limit the resources required to motivate performance and accelerate change. ThriVinci will share best practices for creating a north star, crafting and managing talent-centric processes, and establishing a flexible team accepting of change. After reviewing the foundations of lean, specifically, emphasizing value-added activities, attendees will review structured interview techniques to conduct a customer-focused needs assessment along with tools to diagram and understand process flow to enable identification of bottlenecks that need to be addressed.

Bringing Ingenuity Back to Engineering
Nicholas Tuck – Senior Software Engineer, Proxibid
Kathy Andersen – Scrum Master, Hudl
Developers, do you have innovative ideas that go unheard? Product Owners, does it feel like the solutions you deliver lack ingenuity? We have agile stories, empowered teams, and the latest in technology and yet we all know we could be doing better, we just don’t know how to unleash the fury. A surefire approach you are afraid to try is ShipIt Days. ShipIt Days are an approach and a mindset to allow your team the opportunity to capitalize on innovation and their natural desire to do good things. Inspired by Google’s 20% time, 3M’s 15% time, and Atlassian’s ShipIt Days, we have been putting a new spin on this “free time” concept for years to deliver innovative, motivated and sustainable results.

Inspiring keynote speakers

Infotec is also bringing you two can’t-miss keynote speakers who will share their experiences working in technology, science, and information. Their presentations will not only inspire and motivate, but will also enable technology leaders to better prepare themselves for the challenges of the future, help technology specialist to grow their knowledge, and challenge everyone to find new ways to solve problems.

Adaptability: Small Steps for Everyday Innovation
Josh Berry, Econic

From Boulder to Bahrain to Bogota, Josh Berry has spent the last fifteen years working with dozens of startups and Fortune 500 companies to understand how their organizations grow as their people adapt. During this interactive opening keynote, Josh will share brand new research and a few practical tips on the habits of adaptable teams and how leaders can create an environment to foster adaptability. Attendees will even learn how to take small steps during the rest of the conference to increase their adaptability.

Lessons Learned from the US Space Program – Recent Past and Near Future
Dr. Garrett Reisman, SpaceX and USC
Reisman was selected by NASA in 1998 as a mission specialist astronaut. While at NASA, Dr. Reisman completed two space missions, including one in 2008 where he spent 95 days on the International Space Station. He has flown aboard both the Space Shuttle Discovery and the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

After leaving NASA in 2011, Dr. Reisman joined SpaceX where he worked for Elon Musk and prepared SpaceX for human spaceflight as the Director of Space Operations. Currently, he is a Professor of Astronautical Engineering at USC and a Senior Advisor at SpaceX.

Registration information

When: April 2 (with add-on workshops April 1-2)
Where: Embassy Suites La Vista
Cost: $239 (FREE for full-time college students)
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