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Nate Decker
Student and Employer Engagement Coordinator for AIM Code School

Amanda Brandt
Strategic Communications Lead

Maria Brady
Membership Development and Retention Coordinator

Kathy Bland
Manager Of Continuous Improvement

Lisa Hardesty
Lead Director, Talent Search And EOC

Rachel Kalhorn
Site Coordinator, Upward Bound

Jonathan Holland
Senior Director Of Educational Programs

Tanya Jacha
Project Director, Upward Bound

Erin Lasiter
Brain Exchange Executive Director

Itzel Lopez
VP, Advancement and Community Relations

Emily Matis
Director of AIM Code School

Tom McCauley
Manager of Digital Content Production

Matt Patten
Site Coordinator, Upward Bound

Kandace Miller
President And CEO

Monika Philp
Director of Tech Leadership Development

Dee Studt
Director Of Organizational Development

Levi Thiele
VP, Program And Resource Development

Tony Veland
Director Of Community Engagement

Nate Work
Manager Of Development And Technical Operations

Shane Barsell
Project Director, Talent Search

Rod Armstrong
Senior Director Of Resource Development