Heartland Developers Conference

September 24, 2020 // Hosted Virtually

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CDT

AIM HDC (Heartland Developers Conference) is a software development event for tech professionals, consisting of hands-on workshops, keynotes and other speakers, breakout sessions and networking events. Attendees learn from national industry experts plus regional and local leaders, who share the latest knowledge and demonstrate new techniques.


National industry experts plus regional and local leaders focus on sharing the latest knowledge, demonstrate new techniques, build understanding and teach hands-on workshops.


Competitive with industry events anywhere, you can reboot, re-launch and reignite your passion right in your own living room, patio, basement, kitchen (or wherever those wi-fi extenders can reach) all for only $75 general admission and $199 all-access admission!


AIM HDC is the network hub for software innovation strengthening our growing design and development community and all who support us.

Join us and discover, as one veteran attendee commented, “HDC is the best place to learn what the smartest companies are doing to solve their biggest problems.”

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