AIM’s Training Programs

AIM offers training for tech professionals and those looking to start a career in technology, level up their skills, and manage tech teams.

AIM Code School

AIM Code School offers a variety of in person and web-based workshops and courses that are ever changing to meet the demands of today’s technology employers. We offer programs on topics such as Foundations of Web Development, .NET, Java, Python and Data Science.

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AIM Tech Training Programs

Custom Corporate Training

Join AIM Code School for custom corporate training and enhance the skills of your existing team. Through AIM Code School’s Custom Corporate Training opportunities, our staff and instructors work closely with partner organizations to develop curriculum, interview and select candidates, evaluate student performance, and provide post-graduate assistance for candidates who complete the program. Some trainings that have been offered in the past have covered a variety of topics: COBOL, WordPress, Angular 9, Introduction to Computing, and web development. Custom programs vary in duration and topic, depending on each company’s specific needs.

Drones Class part 107 UAS Course

During this 12-hour course, participants will learn all the science, rules, and laws about flying drones. All the information you need to take and pass the FAA Part 107 SUAS Pilot License exam will be included so you’ll be confident when you head to your local FAA testing center. When possible, this course will include actual flight time with a real drone. This class is not a certification course, but a preparation course for the FAA Part 107 SUAS Pilot License exam, which is not offered by AIM.

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High School Coding Cohorts

The AIM Institute has partnered with local high schools to provide front-end development training for students looking to enter tech jobs after high school.

AIM Leadership Academies

We offer two distinct academies for individuals in leadership programs and those who are considering a career transition into tech leadership.

Advanced Tech Leaders

Advanced Tech Leaders Academy is an annual management course for tech professionals. The program consists of one full day of training each month for seven months (October 2020 – May 2021). Each session will focus on a common on-the-job issue faced by tech managers.

Today’s tech managers need effective leadership and management skills to deal with the challenge of global competition and a changing workforce. To address this growing need, AIM and its business members have collaborated to create the annual Advanced Tech Leaders Academy. The goal of the academy is to enhance leadership skills that are essential for current and upcoming Tech Managers.

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Emerging Tech Leaders

This program is intended for experienced tech professionals interested in transitioning into leadership roles and developing skills to gain a better understanding of leading tech teams/groups/departments. Participants will be part of a cohort from organizations across the community and will have the opportunity to learn from each other as well as the program instructors. This program utilizes the real-world experience of existing tech leaders to help participants gain a better understanding of the issues, challenges and skills needed to advance in their careers.

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