AIM’s Training Programs

AIM offers a variety of training opportunities for both tech professionals and those looking to get into a career in technology.

Interface Web School

Our Web School offers a variety of in person and web based workshops and courses that are ever changing to meet the demands of today’s technology employers. We are currently offering programs on topics such as Foundations of Web Development, .NET, Java, WordPress, Java, and even Data Science.

Visit the Interface Web School site to learn more.

AIM’s Leadership Programs

We offer two distinct programs for individuals in leadership programs and those who are considering a career transition into tech leadership.

AIM IT Leadership Academy (AITLA)

This is an annual management course for IT professionals. The program consists of one, full-day of training each month for seven months. Each session focuses on a common on-the-job issue faced by IT managers. Today’s IT managers need effective leadership and management skills to deal with the challenge of global competition and a changing workforce. To address this growing need, AIM and its business members have collaborated to create the annual AIM IT Leadership Academy (AITLA). The goal of AITLA is to enhance leadership skills that are essential for current and upcoming IT Managers.

Visit the ITLA site to learn more and register

AIM Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

This program is intended for experienced IT professionals interested in transitioning into leadership roles and developing skills to gain a better understanding of leading IT teams/groups/departments. Participants will be part of a cohort from organizations across the community and will have the opportunity to learn from each other as well as the program instructors. This program utilizes the real-world experience of existing IT leaders to help participants gain a better understanding of the issues, challenges and skills needed to advance in their careers.

Visit the ELP site to learn more and register

Workshops and Certifications at Events

We also offer a variety of educational opportunities as part of our annual Infotec and Heartland Developer Conferences. These sessions focus on current industry trends and the demands of our members.

Here are the upcoming workshops being offered at this year’s Heartland Developer Conference.

  • JavaScript and Vue.js Training Sessions
  • Drag and Drop Machine Learning
  • Creating and Applying Personas
  • Docker-Kubernetes training

Visit the HDC site to learn more