The Marketing Cluster includes career opportunities whose processes create, communicate, and deliver value to customers and manage customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.


Pathway Descriptions

Marketing Communications requires in-depth knowledge and skill of marketing activities that inform, remind, and/or persuade the targeted audience. Examples of marketing communications techniques include advertising, direct marketing, digital marketing, publicity/public relations, and sales promotion.

Marketing Management requires broad knowledge of all marketing functions. These functions are channel management, marketing-information management, pricing, product/service management, promotion, and selling. The cornerstone curriculum of the Marketing Management Pathway can be augmented with contextual skills and understanding in such areas as sports marketing, fashion marketing, food marketing, global marketing, etc.

Marketing Research requires in-depth knowledge of marketing activities that involve determining information needs; designing data-collection processes, collecting data, analyzing data, presenting data, and using data for marketing planning.

Merchandising requires in-depth knowledge of marketing activities focused on efficient and effective product planning, selection, and buying for resale.

Professional Selling requires in-depth knowledge of marketing and management activities performed to determine customer needs/wants and respond through planned, personalized communication to influence purchase decisions and enhance future business operations.

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