Human Services

This Cluster prepares students for careers that improve quality of life and promotes safe, health communities. Workers in human services better our lives by tending to our psychological, social, and physical needs. Social service organizations that help individuals with basic needs, such as housing, health, and nutrition constitutes a large component of this cluster.


Pathway Descriptions

Consumer Services workers assist individuals with decisions and problems relating to finance, real estate, insurance, and consumer goods.

Counseling and Mental Health Services workers assist people with personal, family, education, mental health, and career decisions and problems. Mental health care may be provided in hospitals, clinics, schools, or private settings.

Early Childhood Development and Services workers nurture and teach children. They provide services in childcare centers, nursery schools, preschools, public schools, private households, family childcare homes, and before- and after-school programs.

Family and Community Services workers help the homeless, housebound, and infirm cope with circumstances of daily living; counsel troubled and emotionally disturbed individuals; train or retrain the unemployed or underemployed; care for the elderly and the physically and mentally disabled; help the needy obtain financial assistance; and solicit contributions for various social services organizations.

Personal Care Services workers assist individuals with their personal appearance, including shampooing, cutting, coloring, and styling hair; giving manicures, pedicures, and scalp, and facial treatments; providing makeup analysis; cleaning and styling wigs and hairpieces; and providing personal fitness training. Also, within personal care services, funeral directors and attendants make funeral arrangements for grieving families.

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