Arts, A/V Technology, & Communication

This cluster offers two different avenues of concentration. Careers in the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, or certain aspects of Journalism, Broadcasting, and Film require creative talents. Careers in Audio-Video Communications Technology, Telecommunications, or Printing Technology require strong backgrounds in computer and electronic based technology, and a solid foundation in math and science. Communicating effectively in both oral and written form is essential for all careers in the cluster. In addition, the creative aspects of this cluster are rapidly merging with the technological, offering exciting and challenging careers.


Pathway Descriptions

Audio and Video Technology and Film careers involve working in the AV communications industry to manufacture, sell, rent, design, install, integrate, operate, and repair audiovisual communications equipment. Workers are involved in the presentation of sound, video, and data for corporate boardrooms, convention centers, classrooms, theme parks, stadiums, and museums.

Journalism and Broadcasting workers gather information, prepare stories, and make broadcasts to inform the public about current events. Technical support workers install, test, repair, set up, and operate electronic equipment used to record and transmit radio, television, and cable programs as well as motion pictures. Engineers and supervisors oversee the technicians who operate and maintain the broadcasting equipment.

Performing Arts careers include individuals, groups, and businesses involved in theatrical and musical performances, such as theatrical production companies, actors, agents for actors, costume design companies, and lighting and stage crews. Voice and instrumental musical performers and dancers are also included in this pathway.

Printing Technology workers are involved in one of the three stages of the printing process – prepress, press and binding, or postpress. The printing industry is rapidly moving toward compete digital imaging and computerization.

Telecommunications specialists focus on the interaction between computers and communications equipment that provide information in the form of data, graphics, and video. Telecommunications equipment technicians, installers, and repairers set up and maintain this sophisticated equipment.

Visual Arts careers are generally categorized into two groups – fine art and commercial art. Fine artists include painters and sculptors working with mediums such as oils, acrylics, pen and ink, clay and computers. Commercial artists provide service to clients such as corporations, retail stores, and advertising firms.

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