Architecture & Construction

This diverse Career Cluster prepares learners for careers in designing, planning, managing, building, and maintaining the built environment. People employed in this cluster work on new structures, restorations, additions, alterations, and repairs.


Pathway Descriptions

Construction workers literally build our future! These are the people who build and remodel houses, apartments, industrial buildings, warehouses, office buildings, churches, schools, and recreational facilities. This pathway also includes the builders of highways, streets, bridges, tunnels, and airports as well as power plants, chemical plants, refineries, and mills.

Design/Pre-Construction workers create our future. They turn a concept into a set of plans. Their plans guide other construction professionals as they continue the building process.

Maintenance Operations workers keep our future intact. These are the people who unload, inspect, and move new equipment into position. They determine the optimal placement of machines in a plant, assemble machinery, install machinery, repair machinery, and perform preventive maintenance. They detect, diagnose, and correct minor problems on machinery. They keep the structure of an establishment in good repair. They maintain the smooth operation of refineries, power plants, chemical plants, and mills. This pathway also includes the maintenance and repair of highways and roads.

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