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Putting the Work In: Jordi Becerril Is a Rising Star in Tech

Jordi Becerril didn’t see a lot of Latinx people working in technology when he was growing up. An avid gamer, the South Omaha native enjoyed taking apart XBoxes and Playstations to study how they worked⁠—and to see if he could put them back together again.  But,...

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Meet our Tech Student of the Year: Amanda Crone

Amanda Crone is fiercely talented. She can code. She can take apart computers and put them back together again. She can manage her time well. And she can stand in front of 500 people and deliver an acceptance speech. That’s exactly what the Thomas Jefferson High...

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M.U.D. Donates 15 iPads to Support Youth-in-Tech Programs

Representatives from Omaha's Metropolitan Utilities District visited the AIM Brain Exchange Thursday to donate 15 iPads in support of AIM's youth-in-tech programs. The iPads will help AIM expand its free tech education outreach to a wider audience, particularly...

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Check out our new Tech Talent Ecosystem tool!

The AIM Institute exists to forge a stronger tech ecosystem in the Silicon Prairie, a region gaining considerable attention for its undersung role in tech innovation. Since our inception, we’ve implemented programs designed to generate new tech talent, match existing...

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