Fusion 360 Basics

An offering by DoSpace

Learn the basics of 3D design with Fusion 360, a beginner-friendly 3D design software, by downloading and modifying existing designs and even creating your own. Don't let 3D modeling tools limit your creativity and ability to quickly create multiple design iterations. Fusion 360 enables you to design effortlessly with flexible 3D CAD software. Come see 3D modeling and printing in action!

This is an in-building, registered program. Here's what you need to know to attend:
-Here at Do Space, we are actively working to keep all of our members safe. We now require masks in the building for everyone aged 3 and up. If you do not have a mask we will be happy to provide one for you.
This is an adult program. No one under the age of 16 is allowed in class.
-There are a limited number of seats available. If you can't attend, please cancel your reservation so that someone else may attend.
-This class will require an account for Fusion 360. You can get the hobbyist version of Fusion 360 for free by going to https://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/personal
Omaha, NE
Start Date
15th September, 2021
End Date
15th September, 2021
Start Time
6:30 PM
End Time
8:00 AM
Technology - Operations/Leadership
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