Data Visualization Class

An offering by Omaha Data Science Academy

With an increase in demand of 1,581% since 2011, Forbes showed this one skill alone is immensely valuable in helping businesses understand their data and make decisions from the data. In this class, we will teach the fundamentals of expressing data visually using Tableau, an industry-wide benchmark for quality visualization tools. Students will learn the necessary skills to build visualizations and best practices needed to make them implementable.

Unlike other organizations, the Omaha Data Science Academy uses practicing programmers, data engineers, data visualization, and data scientists from a local data science consulting company, Contemporary Analysis, to teach relevant, real-world skills necessary to be successful in tech jobs. This particular class is taught by Omaha's own David Krupp. David has been a professor at the academy since inception in 2016. He has designed multiple dashboards for CAN over the years, examples of which are listed in his Tableau profile. He is widely considered one of the best data visualization in town.
Omaha, NE
Start Date
13th September, 2021
End Date
14th October, 2021
Start Time
6:00 PM
End Time
9:00 PM
Technology - Data
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