High School Quantum Computing Course with IBM Quantum

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Are you a high school student who wants to develop in-depth, real world skills in quantum computing? This first-of-its kind course with IBM Quantum is for you! Quantum computing will impact industries from healthcare to finance to cybersecurity, and we want today's high school students to be prepared to lead the next computing revolution. Our goal is to make the material accessible to students from all different backgrounds, because we want the future quantum workforce to be as diverse as the world is. The only prerequisite is geometry, and there are 1,000+ scholarships available!

 Through two semesters of weekly lectures, lab sections, and homework assignments, you will develop a foundational understanding of quantum computing, including basic linear algebra, quantum mechanics, quantum computation and information, and quantum algorithms. Students will spend the first half of the course developing skills in math and Python. The second half of the course will focus on coding quantum circuits and quantum algorithms, leading to students coding on a real quantum computer. More info can be found on our website.
Start Date
17th September, 2021
End Date
10th April, 2022
Start Time
2:00 PM
End Time
3:30 PM
Technology - Infrastructure
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