Science of Superheroes

An offering by Prairie STEM

Grades: 3-5

Date & Time:
Nov 6, 20 & Dec 4

1111 N 13th St. Suite 307. Omaha, NE

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Do you LOVE superheroes? Have you ever thought about these questions? Does Mjöllnir (Thor's hammer) really only let those who are worthy pick it up? Can a humanoid body fly faster as a speeding bullet? Is there a substance that could be used to make an invisible jet? Experiment to find the answer to these questions and more!

Health and Safety: Our goal is to provide a safe environment for our campers. Health and safety protocols will be implemented according to local, state, and federal guidelines which we will continue to monitor.
Wearing Face Coverings (cover both nose and mouth)

Social Distancing
Reduced Camp Sizes
Regular Hand Washing/Sanitizing
Regular Cleaning and Sanitizing of desks and chairs
Limit Sharing of Supplies

Any campers or staff who receive a positive COVID-19 test or are asked to quarantine due to exposure will not be permitted to attend class. Please do not send your student if they are not feeling well. If students have a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit they will be sent home. For Health and Safety only students and instructors are permitted to stay in the room. If you wish to wait for your student you may tour Mastercraft on your own.

**Prairie STEM reserves the right to substitute kits/lessons based on product availability**
Omaha, NE
Start Date
6th November, 2021
End Date
6th November, 2021
Start Time
11:30 AM
End Time
1:00 PM
Science - Astronomy
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