BI Analyst / Data Analyst Certification

An offering by Omaha Data Science Academy

Data Analyst (or Business Intelligence) consists of knowing how to do 3 disparate skills. How to program, how to find, store, and manipulate data, and to visualize data.

This cert is broken into three classes that teach you each of those skills:

Programming (Python 101)--Whether it be machine learning, web scrapers, applications, or computational modeling, a data scientist has to know how to think programmatically as well as write code to connect disparate systems.

Data Manipulations and Management (SQL 101)--This class will teach the student how to design, store, clean, query, and access data which is the key foundation to any projects success.

Data Visualization Using Tableau--Expressing data is key to implementation, scale, and corporate buy-in. We teach the fundamentals of building and expressing data visually so non-technical users can make decisions from the data.

These skills will allow a person to better understand how to make data-driven decisions off of the data and be better prepared for the future with their recommendations and qualify for entry level jobs in BI or Analysis for a large percentage of Omaha companies.
Omaha, NE
8th December, 2021
Offering Since
12th July, 2021
End Date
18th October, 2021
Start Time
6:00 PM
End Time
9:00 PM
Repeats every week
on Monday, Wednesday
Technology - Infrastructure
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