Cohort 10 of the Omaha Data Science Academy Starting Soon. Enroll Now!!

An offering by Omaha Data Science Academy

"Come Learn from 6pm-9pm what a data scientist did from 8-5pm."

After a brief pause during 2020, the ODSA back in action teaching real world data science to those who want to enter into the fastest growing industry or those that simply need a skill boost. 

Class starts July 12th. 

Each class is 4 weeks long and can be taken independently or together as a group for certificates. 

One class--$3,500

Certificate (3 classes)--$7,500

Both Certificates--$15,000

The 2021 Cohort will include: 

Python Programming--Whether it be machine learning, web scrapers, applications, or computational modeling, a data scientist has to know how to think programmatically as well as write code to connect disparate systems. 

Data Manipulations and Management (SQL 101)--This class will teach the student how to design, store, clean, query, and access data which is the key foundation to any projects success.

Data Visualization Using Tableau--Expressing data is key to implementation, scale, and corporate buy-in. We teach the fundamentals of building and expressing data visually so non-technical users can make decisions from the data.

Machine Learning and Data Science Modeling (3 classes)--Machine Learning is one of the most in-demand skills in job descriptions today. This skill is broken into 3 areas of knowledge-Basic Modeling, Model Evaluation, and Advanced Data Science Modeling. 

These skills will give a graduate the necessary knowledge to lead their companies down the road of data discovery and give those companies a leg up in both the local and the global economy.  

Our Cohort 10 Catalog
Omaha, NE
17th January, 2022
Offering Since
12th July, 2021
End Date
2nd February, 2022
Start Time
6:00 PM
End Time
9:00 PM
Repeats every week
on Monday, Wednesday
Technology - Infrastructure
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