Nebraska Nature Nerd Night: Ladies Run the (Bird) World

An offering by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Join us nature nerds as we chat with Jason “The Bird Nerd” St. Sauver, Director of Education and Outreach at Audubon Nebraska, about the real show stoppers of the bird world; the females! We’ll find out why despite being overlooked for the flashy and singing males, the ladies run the roost when it comes to male birds’ color, display, behavior, and so much more!

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Remember- when registering you can submit your questions for our experts and, we’ll do our best to get those questions answered, and more, on the night of the event.

Jason St. Sauver worked for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for many years in both the biological and environmental education fields, and became Spring Creek Prairie’s education director in April 2015.
Nebraska Nature Nerd Night is a free, virtual series for curious adults, exploring the secrets and science of nature in Nebraska through storytelling and conversation. Join hosts and science educators from Nebraska Game & Parks at 7pm Central on the third Tuesday of every month, as we interview experts in the field about a variety of fascinating topics; from bees, to birds, fossils, to parasites! We’ll dive deeper into the remarkable world of nature found in Nebraska by having lively conversations with real scientists, and by sharing and asking your questions with the experts.

Can’t attend a live event? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We will record each event and place it on our Game and Parks Education YouTube Channel the following day.
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18th May, 2021
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18th May, 2021
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