Summer Camp: Camp Trifecta (Kindergarten) by Prairie STEM

An offering by Prairie STEM

Does your camper need help in Reading, Math and Science? Camp Trifecta is a 3 week camp with each week dedicated to a different subject. This fun, hands-on, interactive camp is taught by a Kindergarten teacher well versed with remote learning.

Reading is FUNdamental:

Campers will work on letter sound recognition, rhyming words, blending phonemes, segmenting phonemes, syllables and more!

Math Rocks: Number Sense:

Numbers are everywhere you look. It's impossible to go a day without numbers! Join us as we work on our number recognition, number writing skills, and subitizing. Students will receive hands on tools that will make number sense fun and engaging.

Elementary Physics: Science of Forces:

Experiment with what makes objects move. Demonstrate the laws of motion. Conduct hands on physics experiments! Campers will build their own Newton's cradle, Rube Goldberg machine and more...

Don't let the virtual format fool you, this is a hands on interactive summer camp.

Camp Dates: Monday - Friday, June 14-July 2, one week per subject

Camp Supplies must be picked up the Friday before camp in the parking lot of the the Scott Technology Center in Omaha. If you know you will be unable to pick up supplies you may select the mail option for a fee.

Camps are also offered per subject:
Offering Date
14th June, 2021
End Date
2nd July, 2021
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