DNA Day Program for the Middle and High School Science Classroom

An offering by University of Nebraska Medical Center

DNA Day Program for the Middle and High School Science Classroom
Time required: at least 1.5 to 2 hours (depends on classroom size)

A scientist from the UNMC Munroe Meyer Institute will come to your classroom to give an interactive lesson on the fundamentals of genetic inheritance. Students will learn this concept with the construction of marshmallow Reebop critters. Reebops are creatures that can help illustrate how the visible traits are related to the combination of genes that it inherited from its parents (and why all the kids in the family don’t always look alike). Depending on time permitted, the lesson can be expanded with a strawberry DNA extraction activity.

Must contact us at sepa@unmc.edu to schedule a classroom visit with a scientist. Please note “STEM Activity Request: DNA Day Program” on the email subject line. Requires at least 2.5-week notice. Teachers making the request must include their Name, School, Grade level, Classroom Size, and 2-3 potential dates/times to schedule the visit to the classroom. A UNMC scientist will respond with availability.
Omaha, NE
1st March, 2021
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1st March, 2021
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10th December, 2021
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9:00 AM
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5:00 PM
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