AIM Tech Awards 2023

An offering by AIM Institute


AIM Tech Awards 2023 will honor the outstanding achievements of tech talent and recognize those who have made a profound impact within the local tech community

Through education, career development, and outreach, the non-profit AIM Institute has fostered the growth of Omaha’s tech sector for more than 25 years. This annual awards ceremony and fundraiser will support AIM’s programs, which make outstanding educational opportunities and career training accessible to everyone. AIM plays a critical role in developing talent to serve local companies and entrepreneurs, meeting the unique needs of each tech professional and contributing to the growth of our local economy.

2023 Tech Award Categories

Startup of the Year

Tech Leader of the Year

Tech Educator of the Year

Tech Innovator of the Year

Tech Student of the Year

Enterprise Business of the Year

Community Builder of the Year

Tech Volunteer of the Year

Tech Talent Professional of the Year


The 2023 AIM Tech Awards will be held at the EXCLUSIVE Private Car Museum of Peter Fink. A muscle car museum and private showroom owned by Peter Fink. The space is home to more than 100 America-made muscle cars, including some VIN No. 1, signed guitars from rock 'n' roll legends other memorabilia in northwest Omaha.

A total of 125 muscle cars — those with high-performance engines and quick takeoffs — glimmer in a private museum in northwest Omaha. It is open to the public only a few times a year for charitable events.

He also has memorabilia from famous people such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the Wright Brothers and Albert Einstein.

Learning Outcomes

None listed
Lifelong Learner
Omaha, NE
Start Date
28th September, 2023
End Date
28th September, 2023
Start Time
5:30 PM
End Time
9:00 PM
After School
Skill Level
Technology - Infrastructure