Theatre Technology Apprentice Program

An offering by Omaha Community Playhouse

TTAP is a two-year program designed for high school & early college students. Apprentices are given comprehensive insight into the technical careers of the entertainment industry through a blend of classroom and hands-on shop training. Apprentices work alongside master craftsmen and professionals to develop a cross-disciplinary foundation and focused training. Through TTAP, apprentices create outstanding production values and acquire the skills that make them competitive in the entertainment industry. A TTAP degree creates an educational pathway to further degrees with credits earned through a partnership with Metropolitan Community College (MCC).

Learning Outcomes

- Valuable experience by working side by side with industry professionals in a hands-on environment
- Real job experience to detail on your résumé
- References useful in applying for employment
- Assistance in creating a résumé and portfolio of work
- A network of professional contacts to provide job search leads
- OCP Professional Qualifications Certificate
- Up to 95 transferable MCC college credits
- Contacts and references both locally and in most of the major entertainment markets
- Dual-enrollment credit for some high school students
- Associate Degree from Metropolitan Community College
- Transfer Agreements to four-year institutions
- Certificate of Skills from Omaha Community Playhouse
Omaha, NE
Start Date
4th September, 2023
End Date
30th May, 2025
Start Time
2:30 PM
End Time
5:00 PM
In School, After School
Skill Level
Beginner, Intermediate
Technology - Infrastructure
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