iExcel iXR Innovation Academy at The Davis Global Center

An offering by UNMC

iExcel is recognized as a transformative model for health care education, training, and research, incorporating a wide range of modelling, simulation, and visualization technologies. To address a
shortfall of highly prepared workforce talent in 3D, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and holographic content creation, iEXCEL has already offered two successful training academies. This
course prepared participants to function in rapidly changing and highly digital workplaces. In Fall 2022, the iEXCEL iXR Innovation Academy is offering a 10-month course resulting in a
Professional Development Certificate. The course is designed to build skills in innovative digital skills, visualization technologies and creating content, such as highly accurate digital twinning. The overarching goal is to assure that participants can enter and/or function effectively with up-to-date digital, visual and technologic skills. These workshops will include problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork and is founded upon hands-on exercises and deep engagement with the interdisciplinary
iEXCEL team. This course includes a matrix of topics and competencies that will fulfill (whilst maintaining a flexible approach) the future needs of organizations who collaborate with industry and government entities (i.e. Department of Defense, USSTRATCOM and the NC3 project).

iExcel Academy Intent: Acceleration of the Digital Work Force
- utilize iEXCEL at UNMC to organize, administer & provide state-of-the-art, experiential learning that is highly relevant for the newly emerging workplace.
- Deliver Cutting Edge, Digital, Visual and Experiential Education & training that prepares participants to create 3D & AR/VR content for the emerging digital platforms.
- Provide a hybrid training model with some knowledge delivered virtually, but primarily via project-based experiential (hands-on/interactive) training in identified sectors.

The Academy ensures that “essential skills” are built into the technical components throughout the
training. This methodology, together with the personal drive candidates possess will lead them to
build a unique set of skills such as -
- Strong communications and presentation skills
- Adaptability and a drive for continuous learning
- Creativity , imagination, and drive
- Flexibility, curiosity, and ability to embrace complex 'design' problems
- An understanding of working in an agile environment
- A keen interest and participation in professional industry groups and conferences.

Who is eligible?
• New graduates preparing for advanced digital roles at STRATCOM/NC3 and/or with
industry collaborators
• Individuals in mid-career who wish or need to expand digital and visualization skills such
as creating digital twins and other 3D content development in mixed or Extended Reality

Learning Outcomes

None listed
Omaha, NE
Start Date
15th August, 2022
End Date
12th May, 2023
Start Time
12:00 AM
End Time
12:00 AM
Technology - Operations/Leadership
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