AIM Summer Code Camp

An offering by AIM Institute

The AIM Summer Code Camp introduces rising sophomores, juniors and seniors who live in Omaha to practical web development techniques and enhances their technical skills through hands-on instruction.

This event will be held in two locations.
• AIM Brain Exchange – 1902 Howard St, Omaha, NE 68102
• Second location TBA

A generous gift from the Lozier Foundation will enable AIM Institute to expand and diversify its summer code camp program to provide an exclusive opportunity to female high school students in South Omaha.

In addition to the South Omaha Code Camp, AIM will enter its sixth year partnering with Seventy Five North to provide the North Omaha Code Camp to both female and male high school students. This year, the North Omaha Code Camp will be held at the AIM Brain Exchange, 1902 Howard Street. That program’s success laid the groundwork for AIM’s new South Omaha venture — and the Lozier Foundation’s generous grant will help execute the vision.

“AIM provides a vital link for students to explore career fields that may not be familiar to them,” said Susan Toohey, EdD, Director of Educational Initiatives at the Lozier Foundation. “Having a code camp in both North and South Omaha is key to providing training and creating a passion for STEM careers that provide a wide range of opportunities and financial stability. The Lozier Foundation prioritizes education and creating access for all people, specifically those in under-resourced areas.”

Both the North Omaha and South Omaha Code Camps will host 12 rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors for eight weeks, beginning June 13. Participants will be mentored as they develop new abilities and encouraged as they work collaboratively to build essential teamworking traits and gain foundational experience to open future employment pathways.

Learning Outcomes

None listed
Omaha, NE
Start Date
13th June, 2022
End Date
5th August, 2022
Start Time
12:00 PM
End Time
4:00 PM
Technology - Infrastructure