2022 Mosaics in Science Diversity Internship Program

An offering by Environment for the Americas

The mosaics in science internship program is coordinated by the National Park Service and Environment for the Americas. Together, we work to provide unique experiences for diverse youth to work side-by-side with scientists, researchers, and educators.

Deadline to apply: Jan. 23, 2022/ 11:59 pm your time

Positions available:
◆ Arches National Park, UT - Ecology Assistant
◆ Biscayne National Park, FL - Biology Assistant
◆ Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, MA - Science Communication Assistant
◆ Buck Island Reef/Christiansted/Salt River Bay, Virgin Islands - Natural Resource Management Assistant
◆ Cabrillo National Monument (DHA), CA - Natural Resource Management Assistant
◆ Carlsbad Caverns National Park - Night Skies Assistant
◆ Denali National Park, AK - GIS Assistant
◆ Fort Point/Muir Woods, CA - Biology Assistant
◆ Grand Canyon National Park, AZ - Biology Assistant
◆ Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN - Ecology Assistant
◆ Guadalupe Mountains National Park, TX - Biology Assistant
◆ Isle Royale National Park (DHA), MI - Ecology Assistant
◆ Golden Gate/John Muir/Pinnacles, CA - Science Communication Assistant
◆ Mammoth Cave National Park, KY - Cave and Karst Assistant
◆ Mount Rainier National Park, WA - Biology Assistant
◆ North Cascades National Park, WA - Natural Resource Management Assistant
◆ North Coast and Cascades Inventory & Monitoring Network (DHA), WA - Natural Resource Management Assistant
◆ Olympic National Park, WA - Astronomy Assistant & Science Communication Assistant
◆ Point Reyes National Seashore, CA - Biology Assistant
◆ Rocky Mountain National Park (DHA), CO - Natural Resource Management Assistant
◆ San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, TX - Geology Assistant
◆War in the Pacific National Historical Park, Guam - Natural Resource Management Assistant
◆ Yosemite National Park (DHA), CA - Biology Assistant
**DHA (Direct Hire Authority) positions require current enrollment in a 4-year institution of higher education in fall
2022, following the completion of the internship
Paid, Summer
Omaha, NE
Start Date
16th May, 2022
End Date
5th August, 2022
Start Time
12:00 AM
End Time
12:00 AM
Science - Environmental
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