AIM IT Leadership Academy – Omaha Sessions

Orientation (two hours) – October 8, 2020

Session 1: Leadership & Teams – November 6, 2020

Learn the value of cognitive diversity by better understanding yourself and others. Although we recognize the need for individual expertise, the use of highly effective teams is becoming more prevalent in the workplace. Learn to lead more authentically, capitalizing on your own personal style. Use this knowledge to better understand the diverse spectrum of thinking, behavioral attributes and cultures to enable you to become an exceptional leader who develops vibrant and effective teams. You will have the opportunity to take the Emergenetics Profile® Assessment to gain comprehensive understanding of your individual thinking and behavioral preferences and how to apply this understanding to make yourself and your teams more effective. Each subsequent session will offer you insights on how to leverage the best in you to lead more effectively.

Session 2: Strategic Planning – December 4, 2020

Learn about creating a clear vision for IT, marketing IT, measuring success within IT and prioritizing the highest value IT projects. This will be customer-focused session, teaching IT managers practical applications of how to align business and organization strategies.

Session 3: Creativity & Innovation – January 8, 2021

As more businesses recognize the essential role of creativity in the workplace, learn how to create an environment that encourages creativity to increase innovation and promote entrepreneurship.  Learn how to change your organization’s culture and foster your employees’ creativity, all while balancing risk and stability.

Session 4: Self-Management & Empowerment – February 5, 2021

Today’s companies must increasingly accommodate a diverse, global workforce. As a result, employees have unique needs and cultural differences to which managers need to be sensitive. How do you all work together to achieve that common goal? Managers are challenged to maintain performance under what at times are chaotic conditions. The workforce can be resistant and disheartened in maintaining a motivated and productive team under these difficult conditions. On the other hand, Louis Pasteur said it best: ”Change favors the prepared mind.” This session is designed to help you prepare to serve your staff as an effective Change Leader.

Session 5: Servant Leadership & Communication Skills – March 5, 2021

Working to empower and serve the people you lead is the main concept behind Servant Leadership. Challenging them to go farther, reach higher, innovate and have fun doing it requires leadership skills that are beyond the traditional “Command and Control” style of management. Learn and walk away with better tools and techniques to be a servant leader via a variety of communication skills around leadership styles, conflict resolution, facilitation, improving team performance, and more.

Session 6: Trends in Business & IT/CIO Perspectives – April 2, 2021

Participants will be able to demonstrate their communication skills and knowledge while presenting on a key business or IT trend impacting their organizations. The presentations will be strategic and held as if they were being made for the companies’ board of directors.  Also, a panel of top local CIOs will share insights about their real world experiences and other core leadership fundamentals and engage questions from the class.

Session 7: Reality Based Leadership – May 7, 2021

This final session of self-reflection explores qualities of risk-taking, flexibility, self-motivation and placement of team before self. You will learn to say no, manage conflicting priorities, macro-manage instead of micro-manage, and balance management versus technical skills. These valuable relationship-building skills will serve as an asset in the office as well as in your personal life.

Graduation & Reception – May 7, 2021

Dates Subject to Change