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Mobile Apps and Microsoft Azure enabling Digital Transformation in the Ag Industry

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Microsoft Azure provides the ability to quickly build cross-platform mobile apps to fit your business needs and realize business value much faster than previously possible.
Join us to hear how we partnered with a national agribusiness to embark on their Digital Transformation journey using a cross-platform mobile app and Microsoft Azure. During peak seasons, trucks would need to wait in line before they could deliver products, which reduced the total number of possible deliveries. Leveraging our mobile solution and cloud services, truck wait times are now significantly improved, product delivery information is more accurately tracked, and security verification for compliance are enhanced.
In this seminar, topics include:
– A real-world solution of a mobile app transforming the way customers interact with the business
– Hear the client discuss the challenges they faced and the business impact achieved through the solution
– Learn how Microsoft Azure provides a secure platform for mobile development and innovation
– Demo: Developing cross-platform mobile apps with speed
– Demo: Building and securing your cloud-based solutions

Quickly Extending into Testing with Docker

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DevOps practitioners must get feedback from quality assurance and security testing as early in the development pipeline as possible. When continuously building and deploying web application projects, being able to run a test and get output on it within minutes is a super power skill that gets teams ahead of potential problems. In this session, use Docker to run multiple tests on your websites, learn about what the different tests are used for, and then become familiar with the output to interpret them for actionable feedback. We will analyze the following testing capabilities:

– Performance
– Security
– Accessibility

Dev, Ops, Sec, and QA resources should all gain knowledge about the entire pipeline and find new ways to collaborate on testing. Docker allows teams to experiment quickly and determine what systems help the work in the most useful way.

Building Resilient Applications in Azure

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The public cloud like Azure and AWS provide so many capabilities to prevent downtime and data loss in your applications. However, many developers don’t know how configure the cloud resources and code their applications to be resilient to handle any failure. In this talk learn about resiliency and what needs to be done to make your application more resilient. Learn about cloud architectural patterns and tools that can help make your applications in Azure more resilient. Finally, we will discuss how to test your application for resiliency.

Securing Applications in Azure

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Azure provides one of the world’s most secure platforms with Microsoft spending over a billion dollars on security alone. Even with all of this security, it is up to you to leverage these capabilities within you applications. Azure provides a lot of assistance but there is a lot involved in order to build, deploy, and run a secure app. In this talk I will walk you through the various aspects of secure applications that you need to consider. In this talk I will cover how to securely implement identity, restricting access, logging, monitoring, encryption, and other tools/methods throughout the application life cycle.

Modern Web Concepts With React And Angular

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React and Angular are currently the two popular web frameworks/libraries available for modern client-side development. The two have a lot of the same concepts but are just implemented a little differently. The objective of this presentation is to cover these common concepts at a high level and to go over how they are implemented in each framework. I will be covering the similarities of components in each library, how functionality is shared with composition in each library, routing, how each framework knows when to re-render, and more.

Come to this presentation if you are currently using react or angular and want to learn how the other works or if you are trying to decide on one of these libraries. This will not be a session that goes over the pros and cons of each library. Spoiler: I will not say that one is better than the other as I think both libraries are great.

My Background:
In my previous job I was programming with angular full-time since it was in version 2 beta (or about 2 1/2 – 3 years). I have recently got hired on at a company that is using react where I am now developing in react full-time (for the last 3 months).

Using automated tests to ease the modernization of a legacy application

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As a company and its legacy application grows, it gets increasingly more challenging to maintain and add new features to that application. This is especially true if this application was built without defined patterns or architectural guidelines.

Making a commitment towards automated testing can be a way to make it easier to enhance and refactor your code base. However, your code might not support adding in unit tests, without first making some changes to your processes and patterns. This session will layout some prerequisites needed in order to build in automated tests, as well as some strategies for writing tests that will help improve the stability of your legacy application, as you maintain and modernize it.

Making a commitment to developer education; improve engagement and accountability

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Have you ever started at a new company and felt overwhelmed by being thrown into the code, day 1? Have you, or someone you work with, ever been lacking in some technical skills that is needed for your job?

At Buildertrend, our goal was to find a way for developers to no longer experience this. To accomplish this we’ve created a stress free onboarding period that gives new developers time to experience our culture, processes, and architecture, without the risk of “bringing down production”. We’ve also put heavy focus on providing resources and tools to our veteran developers, that they can use to stay up to date on current trends. This session will layout how we accomplished this.

Mocking HTTP Communication in Your Tests

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Many of today’s applications use HTTP to communicate with other applications. Testing how the application behaves when receiving different types of responses is integral to ensuring that the application is implemented correctly and is resilient.
We will discuss the importance of this type of testing and explore different patterns for mocking HTTP communication in application test code.

Good rules for Bad apps

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Building a decent app is easy this day, there are plenty of tutorials, videos and blog post about it. In this session, I’ll try to go over some of the top mistakes that every one of us is doing while building his app. This will cover all the aspects of building a bad app- technical, UI & UX, and product. So each one of you will be able to adapt his favorite bad pattern and ruin his app.

How to write an Alexa Skill

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Amazon has provided the ability for developers to write their own Alexa Skills. This talk will go into the basics of writing a skill and provide a couple of quick samples to help the user get started exploring this new way of computing. Alexa and other Voice assistants are being used more and more by individuals and also by companies. Alexa support can provide a way for a company to differentiate itself from others, potentially reduce the cost of service calls and allow an end user to communicate with your company in a new way.

According to DMR: As of April 2019 there are over 90,000 Alexa skills, 100 million devices that can run Alexa have been sold, and 60,000 different devices that are Alexa capable.