Talent Search: Monroe/Benson

Monroe Middle School | Omaha, NE

Benson High School | Omaha, NE

The AIM TRiO Talent Search is a grant awarded to AIM by the U.S. Department of Education. The goal of the grant is to provide students, parents and guardians with free resources that help 500 students successfully graduate from high school and enroll in college. In attaining this goal, AIM TRiO Talent Search provides workshops, sessions and enrichment activities which encourage students to perform at their highest potential and take an active involvement in setting their higher education goals.

If interested in participating, please fill out this form or contact Maddy Jordan at mjordan@nullaiminstitute.com or 402-979-8324 ext 132.

What does Talent Search offer?

AIM TRiO Talent Search offers student several different free workshops, sessions and other special programs which assist middle and high school students in personal development, college preparation and career exploration.

Services for Middle School Students:

  • Academic support
  • STEM after school programs
  • Study skills, goal setting and time management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interest and personality assessments
  • Daily homework help

Services for High School Students:

  • Career awareness activities (such as field trips to colleges/universities)
  • ACT prep and assistance with registration
  • Financial aid and scholarship advising
  • College prep workshops for students and parents/guardians
  • Mentoring/tutoring
  • Summer academies
  • Daily homework help

Who is eligible?

The AIM TRiO Talent Search program is offered to students in grades 6-12 at the following schools:

  • Monroe Middle School | Omaha, NE
  • Benson High School | Omaha, NE

Students’ eligibility for the program is determined based on their completion of a one-page application form and ability to meet federal guidelines. AIM seeks students who want assistance with coursework and improving their grades, are interested in learning more about careers in Information Technology (IT), who want to continue education beyond high school and are seeking guidance in choosing a career field.

If you’re interested in applying for the Talent Search program at Benson High School or Monroe Middle School, contact Maddy Jordan at mjordan@nullaiminstitute.com or 402-979-8324 ext 132.