Find Tech Talent

People with strong tech skills are one of the biggest needs in today’s economy. AIM is committed to filling the talent gap and helping individuals and organizations succeed. Along with our Careerlink job board features, AIM also provides two additional services to its partner-level members.

Talent Sourcing

We have a Tech Talent Team who works with our members to assist them in finding the right talent for their business. Some of the services provided by the team include:

  • A direct line to AIMs talented Interface Web School graduates.
  • Sourcing for your open positions by our Tech Talent team.
  • Consultative guidance to help with your Tech Talent pipeline.

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AIM Giglink

This is a new service offering from AIM dedicated to helping you get projects done using our vetted list of qualified outside partners. Through this service, AIM members now have the ability to:

  • Quickly find new, vetted, specialized vendors while avoiding RFPs and legal bottlenecks.
  • Streamline outsourced technology projects.
  • Improve project insight by standardizing the vendor workflow process.

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